Elegoo Mars kit **Read Description**

Price: £45.00

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USB 2.0

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On-Printer Controls

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What the Seller Says

Elegoo Mars kit **Read Description**. THINGS TO NOTE!!The touch screen is broken, it isnt calibrated properally and only half of it works, however it is enough to select prints but you should probably use a clean usb. The printer is a fair bit dirty (as shown in the photos), especially the uv sheild its covered in quite a bit of resin gunk.See pictures for more details on printers condition. Build plate has a few scratches but seems to work alright in small scale testing, i cannot gaurente it will work great on larger prints. **The printer does work, its just in poor condition.** Additionally with the printer there are 2 resin trays and 2 replacement films, and the power supply and plug socket. (UK) If you have any further questions send me a message!