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Wanhao i3 V2 Duplicator 3D-Printer

Price: £339.00
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Product Description

We are delighted to present the brilliant Wanhao i3 V2 Duplicator 3D-Printer.

With so many on offer today, it is good to have a brand you can recognise. The Wanhao i3 V2 Duplicator 3D-Printer is certainly that and will be a superb buy.

For this reduced price, the Wanhao i3 V2 Duplicator 3D-Printer is highly recommended and is a popular choice with lots of people. Wanhao have provided some nice touches and this means good value for money.

Manufacturer Description

The brand new Wanhao Duplicator i3

Once again Wanhao leads the way when it comes to high quality and a price that are really attractive! This price is for a pre - assembled printer with a prusa core design. We are excited to present this printer to you and we think it's going to be a real success.

The newest edition in the Duplicator family is a huge step forward! This time Wanhao and 3D Prima presents a printer that is good enough to use as a semi professional 3D Printer, but at a price that you can't really believe and that is hard to beat!

The i3 comes fully assembled and ready to use. It's based on the open and reliable Prusa i3 design which means that you can grow with the printer, modify it and enjoy it for a long time. The Wanhao i3 comes with a heated build plate, USB connection, SD card reader and a LCD screen. It also boasts with the brand new MK10 extruder - that means that you are free to use almost any filament you prefer, PLA, ABS, PETG, take your pick.

Wanhao i3 is built on a sturdy all steel frame design with a metal carriage, this will improve your prints and make sure that you have a printer that sits firmly on your desk without any heavy vibrations that will interfere with the print. This new printer is also equipped with the latest generation of the well appreciated MK10 single extruder and this fact alone is a very good indication of what this printer is able to deliver. A new design feature is that the electronics housing is a standalone part, this fact should greatly decrease almost all electromagnetic interference.

We think that this printer can stand up against the best and if you combine this with the incredible pricing you have a printer that is hard to beat - on any level!!

Package Contents:
- The Duplicator i3 printer
- Single Step exstruder MK10
- 1x spool holder
- Hex Wrench and bolt Kit
- 1 x SD card
- 2 x Wanhao platform tape
- 10 m

Product Features

Updated version 2.1 BUILD VOLUME 200 X 200 X 180mm; LAYER RESOLUTION 0;1 mm - 0;4 mm PRINT SPEED 10-100mm/s adjustable POSITION PRECISION Z 0.004mm;XY 0.012mm All you need to start 3D-Printing is included.

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